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SESSIO ART, a competitive exhibition of visual arts, has been annually arranged since 1992 for the students of arts specialities of the higher educational establishments of Vitebsk.
The idea’s author, organizer and director of the project is Marina Romanovskaya. The concept of the competition was worked out by former teachers of artistic and graphic faculty of the Vitebsk Pedagogical University Nikolay Prusakov and Evgenyi Antonov. The author of the project logo is an art-designer from Vitebsk Alexander Gavrilov. The exhibition traditionally takes place in the Vitebsk Business and Cultural Center.
The project is a non-commercial exhibition action and has the only aim - to stimulate creative activities of the students. Any young person irrespective of his years at a University and taking interest in the problems of visual culture can participate in the competition. Everyone of the participants is allowed to submit up to three of his works.
Annually, more than 200 students take part in the competition. All the works submitted are examined by the exposition committee set up of independent specialists. The work of the exposition committee is the first qualifying round of the competition. A grandiose exposition is arranged of the works having passed the first round. As a rule, it includes up to 500 works. The exhibition is held in the auditoriums, halls and foyers of the Business and Cultural Center. Total floor space for exhibiting is more than 2,500 meters.

In recent years, the competition is held in the following sections:
Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V
academic drawing and painting; creative work of realistic direction; graphic art, circulation graphic art.

drawing of any direction; painting of any direction

arts and crafts

visual design

art-design and author projects.

The competition committee considers the submitted works and awards up to 10 equivalent Laureate money prizes. The competition committee includes well-known Belarusian and foreign artists, designers, art critics and museum workers.

For the whole period of SESSIO ART existence, at different times, in the competition committee were:
  • Academician, People Artist of Republic of Belarus, Professor Gavryil Vashenko (Minsk);
  • Chief curator of the State Art Museum of Republic of Belarus, vice-president of the international association of artists and art critics “Master” Nikolay Pogranovsky (Minsk);
  • Art critic Larisa Finkelshtein (Minsk);
  • Art critic Eulalia Domanowska (Warsaw, Poland);
  • Historian, director of Mark Shagall museum Lyudmila Khmelnitskaya (Vitebsk);
  • Honoured artist of Belarus Alexander Solovyov (Vitebsk);
  • President of Belarusian League of designers Dmitry Sursky (Minsk);
  • Artist, the owner of a private gallery “Rysa” Alexander Konovalov (Polotsk);
  • Artist Lev Stepanov (Moscow, Russia);
  • Artist, the teacher of the Minsk Arts College named after Y. Glebov, vice-president of the International guild of painters Vasily Kostyuchenko (Minsk);
  • Artists Anatoly Kuznetsov, Sergey Babaryko, Zoya Litvinova, Olga Sazykina, Igor Kashkurebich, Natalya Zaloznaya, Oleg Kukrak, Igor Tishin, Olga Gridina, Sergey Kiryushshenko (Minsk);
  • Artists Oleg Ladisov (Polotsk), Vitaly Gerasimov (Grodno), Sergey Dmitriev (Novopolotsk), Tatyana Rudenko, Alexander Vyshka, Gennadyi Shutov, Alexander Dosuzhev, Viktor Shilko, Viktor Nikolayev, Valentina Lyakhovich, Natalya Lisowskaya (Vitebsk);
  • Teacher of the Vitebsk State Technological University Natalya Tarabuko;
  • Teachers of the Vitebsk State Pedagogical University Vladimir Kulinyonok, Andrey Verenich;
  • Oleg Ablazhey (Vilnius, Lithuania) and others.
  • Arranged annually performance dedicated to the opening of the exhibition is held on the square in front of the main entrance of the Business and Cultural Center and is accompanied with striking of the clock on the town hall. Further, the audience have the possibility to see the works submitted for the competition and participate in the grand ceremony of awarding the Laureates of the Competition which in its turn is held as a theatrical action dedicated to Artist, to Talent. Concert is the second, traditional part of the event. The Laureates of the preceding Vitebsk International Festival of Modern Choreography (IFMC) perform at SESSIO ART as guests.
    For the period of the competitive exhibition in Vitebsk performed:
    Ballet “Factory of still life pictures”, Moscow;
    Theatre “Provincial Dances”, Ekaterinburg-Russia;
    “Kinetic theatre”, Moscow;
    Troupe of modern choreography “TAD”, Grodno-Belarus;
    Studio-school “Free ballet”, Moscow;
    “Fine five dance theatre”, Tallinn-Estonia;
    “Graphic ballet”, Moscow;
    Studio of Yelena Bogdanovich of the Russian chamber ballet “Moscow”, Moscow.
    SESSIO ART “considers” in the first place activities and tendencies of development in fine art among Vitebsk students. Along with this, the experience of holding the competition, contacts with art midst of Vitebsk and the Republic, image of SESSIO ART made possible for Art Mark Company to take part in organizing and holding in 1997 the action “I am from Vitebsk” dedicated to 110 birthday anniversary of Mark Chagall. In 2000, SESSIO ART invited to participate students from Minsk for the first time. Thus, besides the Vitebsk ones, there were the works of students of Belarusian Academy of Arts, Belarusian University of Culture, Arts College named after Y. Glebov submitted for the competition.

    In the future, Art Mark Company is going to consider the possibility for the students of various arts establishments of Belarus and foreign countries to participate in SESSIO ART, to work on the problem of organizing exhibition actions, creative exchanges. We would appreciate any contacts with social institutions and individuals working in this field.

      SESSIO ART Laureates



    1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
      VGPI - Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute before 1996,
    VGU - Vitebsk State University since 1996.

    VTILP - Vitebsk Technological Institute of Light Industries before 1995,
    VGTU - Vitebsk State Technological University since 1995.

    BAA - Belarusian Academy of Arts, Minsk. BUC - Belarusian University of Culture, Minsk.

    MAC - Minsk Arts College named after Y. Glebov.

    Alexander Ulybin, VGPI
    Nikolay Borodko, VGPI
    Elvira Kazatchenko, VTILP
    Anatoly Zhuravlyov, VTILP
    Marina Kiselyova, VTILP
    Alexander Faley, VTILP
    Sergey Dragun, VGPI
    Igor Bespalov, VGPI
    Anatoly Sharapo, VGPI


    information lost
    The Management of the Competition is sorry indeed for the unfortunate gap in the history of SESSIO ART and would be glad to fill it up with the help of the Laureates themselves.

    Pavel Shappo, VGPI
    Vyacheslav Borisovsky, VTILP
    Natalya Melyantseva, VTILP
    Angela Kolosevitch, VTILP
    Nelly Lukashik, VTILP
    Yelena Tchernigova, VTILP
    Nadezhda Yekimetskay, VTILP
    Yelena Bondareva, VTILP
    Olga Zinkevich, VTILP
    Ella Yurkova, VTILP

    Andrey Mikheyev, VGPI
    Olga Bobko, VGPI
    Nadezhda Yekimetskay, VGTU
    Oleg Yelizarov, VGTU
    Yuliya Sokolova, VGTU
    Pavel Shappo, VGPI
    Yeraterina Kuznetsova, VGTU
    Yelena Shilovich, VGTU
    Lyudmila Shilonich, VGTU
    Tatyana Klimchenko, VGTU

    Svetlana Novikova, VGTU
    Olga Khokhlova, VGTU
    Natalya Okuneva, VGTU
    Tatyana Yefremova, VGTU
    Olga Korbut, VGTU
    Lyubov Brylyova, VGTU
    Olga Bobko, VGU
    Irina Bobaryko, VGU
    Olga Shchuko, VGTU
    Veronika Metelitsa, VGTU

    Alina Ustinkova, VGTU
    Olga Khokhlova, VGTU
    Andrey Piskun, VGU
    Lyubov Brylyova, VGTU
    Dina Danilovich, VGTU
    Natalya Petrakovskaya, VGTU
    Viktoria Krupskaya, VGTU
    Olga Mitskevich, VGTU
    Tatyana Kulyevich, VGTU
    Marina Losminskaya, VGTU

    Alexander Plakutchev, VGTU
    Tatyana Morozova, VGTU
    Andrey Mikhaylov, VGTU
    Viktor Ivashkevich, VGTU
    Yelena Tolobova, VGTU
    Yelena Shilovich, VGTU
    Marina Losminskaya, VGTU
    Natalya Okuneva, VGTU
    Olga Khokhlova, VGTU
    Tatyana Kulyevich, VGTU
    Inna Litvinova, VGTU
    Anatoly Zhuravlyov

    Yevgeny Plaksin, VGTU
    Viktor Ivashkevich, VGTU
    Olga Mitskevich, VGTU
    Yelena Masarskaya, VGU
    Olga Khokhlova, VGTU
    Yury Ustinov, VGTU
    Alexey Limorenko, VGU
    Vladislav Volkov, VGTU
    Marina Svetchnikova, VGTU
    Yury Kupchenko, VGTU
    Alexander Prudnikov, VGTU

    Maxim Osipov, VGTU
    Olga Khokhlova, VGTU
    Natalya Kalinovskaya, VGTU
    Artyom Rybchinsky, BUC
    Alesya Gurshchenkova, BAA
    Anton Shapo, MAC

    Vjacheslav Fomin
    Elena Ivanova
    Alexander Ychkevich
    Oleg Tkachev
    Erika Sparane
    Laura Sileniece
    Anastasia Goncharova
    Creative group "art-missia" - Olga Polesskova (bsaa), Dmitriy Strikelev (Belarusian State University), Egor Zeleny (Belarusian Polytechnical Academy).
    Liga Kempe
    Sanita Fridenberga
    Diana Dudareva
    Inga Ongeva
    Agra Ritinya
    Anton Tsibizov
    Eduard Reizvikh
    Dayna Sproge-Serval
    Oksana Gribko, Evgenia Alexeichik, Alexander Truskovsky, Maxim Dudarev
    Lubov Evtikhova