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Nikolai Ogryzkov

Nikolai Vasilievich Ogryzkov, a dancer, choreographer, teacher, the godfather of our first festival of contemporary dance in the USSR (the IFMC), died. He was such a handsome man, obsessed by art. He valued real movie, music, literature, theatre, painting, photography. He thought in an original way, talked freely and bold, he lived in the name of his aim, he never went back on his principles. He was our real true friend. It seems to me, he always was uncompromising person regarding his profession. Thereupon you can imagine how many ill-wishers Nikolai had, who are now left in the past, and Nikolai will stay in our memory forever. He was a very interesting man, easily carried away, confused, emotional, with a great sense of humor and an expressive smile. It was both easy and interesting to be with him, you could get inspiration and good mood just talking to him, from his performances on the stage, from his rehearsals in his school. There were very few people in Russia who were so faithful to the contemporary dance, and now Russia lost one of them. Pompousness aside, but with the death of Nikolai Ogryzkov Russia together with the USSR lost much more than the words can say. Its sad enough that modern choreography will not know the names of dozens of talented, outstanding dancers, ballet- masters, teachers. Scores of children will never know the happiness of dancing creativity. Thousands of viewers will never see the artworks both intellectually and spiritually worthy. Its hard to say why everything goes this way or another. I dont want to reproach anyone, but you always want to find the answer. Can you imagine, in the Moscow of the XXIst century a teacher, a misunderstood choreographer had to struggle for a piece of culture of his country with his own country for the rest of his life. How is that possible?

Last time we saw him in 2007. It was an anniversary XXth festival. In the opening concert Nikolai Ogryzkov was presented the diploma Golden fund of the IFMC, it was one of the fifth diplomas throughout all the history of the festival.

Thank you, Nikolai, for the honor to know you, for the right to present at our rehearsals in your school and shake you by the hand when meeting you.

P.S. These videos are 15 years old and even older. The quality leaves much to be desired, but its not so important. The free ballet of Nikolai Ogryzkov is some pages of the history of the contemporary dance of the post-Soviet time connected with the name of a good man.

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