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" IFMC'2004"

The IFMC'2004 was held from November 26 till 28. What is the most significant about it, what will it be stick in memory with? The festival showed that the new stage of the process of development of modern dance art in Belarus had begun. The times of Lone Rangers are gone. It doesn't mean that the pioneers are disappeared. They established their own schools and studios of contemporary choreography. The generation of their followers, who were brought up in the new creative principals came to Vitebsk to take part in the National Competition together with teachers.

The participants of the Competition:

“Parallels” modern dance studio, Vitebsk
“Foliush-ballet” choreographic studio, Grodno
“Quadro” contemporary dance group, Gomel
Irina Staminskaya's project, Orsha
Dance Company of Vitebsk State University
Olga Labovkina, Grodno
“TAD” contemporary dance group, Grodno
Contemporary dance group of children choreographic school, Gomel
Diana Yurchenko's choreographic studio, Vitebsk
Dance ensemble of Grodno Arts College
Contemporary dance studio of Vitebsk State Arts School
Ensemble of sub-faculty of choreography of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, Minsk

It was the first time within recent five years that the rules of Competition changed considerably. Instead of the International Jury the Expert Council was formed to estimate the results of creative activity of the contemporary dance schools and studios, as well as art level of choreographic works, submitted for the national competition. Among the members of the above Council were:

Julia Churko, Minsk
art historian, doctor, professor, head of sub-faculty of choreography of the Belarusian Academy of music. Chair of the Council

Vita Mozuraite, Vilnius
ballet critic, a lecturer of history of dance art for the Vilnius Musical Academy

Tatiana Kotovich, Vitebsk
theater critic, candidate of art history.

Natalia Maslennikova, Perm
laureate of international and national dance competitions, ballet-master for the “Evgeny Panfilov Ballet” state theater.

Sergey Smirnov, Yekaterinburg
laureate of international contemporary dance competitions, winner of the Russian National Theater Prize “Golden Masque”, the First Prize winner of the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk IFMC'2003

Guest-performance program included the ballet “Flowers in the window” by dance-theater “Gallery”, Grodno, remake of Evgeny Panfilov's “Waltz for the mad” and “Bolero” by Evgeny Panfilov Ballet, Perm; premiere of dance-spectacle “Rags nook” by Sergey Smirnov dance company “Eccentric-ballet”, Yekaterinburg.

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IFMC executive director – Edward Chernivchan
Photos by Igor Gusakov


Nomination “Style”
Special Prize – spectacle “Suprematist Ballet” ,
choreography : Anastasia Makhova ,
idea: Tatiana Kotovich
computer design: Aleksey Yermak
Contemporary dance studio “Parallels”, Vitebsk

Nomination “Debut”
miniature “Two songs”
choreography: Irina Staminskaya
Irina Staminskaya's project, Orsha

Nomination “ School ”
Contemporary dance group of the children choreographic school, Gomel
Most of choreographies: Inna Aslamova

Nomination “Teacher”
Inna Aslamova , Gomel

Nomination “Choreographer”
Inna Aslamova, Gomel
one-act ballet “The winter disappeared”
contemporary dance group “Quadro”, Gomel

Nomination “Choreographic work”
Aleksey Litvin, Vitebsk
spectacle “Samaliotchiki”
dance company of the Vitebsk state University

Nomination “Mastery”
Ensemble of the sub-faculty of choreography of the Belarusian State University of Culture
ballet “Five beds, children of dream”
choreography: Neta Pulvermakher
art-director: Svetlana Gutkovskaya

Nomination “Artist”
Olga Labovkina, Grodno
miniature “Dreams of the redheaded manikin”
choreography: Olga Labovkina

Evgeny Panfilov memorable Prize
Diana Yurchenko, Vitebsk
miniature “Jealousy”
idea: Anastasia Kurzhalova, Alexander Andrienko
choreography: Diana Yurchenko
Diana Yurchenko's contemporary dance studio

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