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  Report 2005

Usually the Menestrel is held in the end of February. In 2005 the Festival was deferred close to the women's Day the 8th of March. "The progressive mankind" doesn't mark this day, but our women don't feel offended at this fact. Obeying the caprices of the nature the Festival waited until spring snowstorms and took place on March 4-6. Judging by women's feedback the Menestrel was not a men's failure.

During the first two days the Menestrel evenings were held in the Round Hall of the Culture Center KIM. By tradition they were opened by a young musician from Vitebsk . This time the chosen one was Aleksey Dukhovich , a graduate of Smolensk Music School . He performed several masterpieces by I.S. Bach, M.M. Ponce and Cir William Walton. In spite of minor vices, Aleksey sounded very good. No doubt he is going to be a profound guitarist, just years of work and experience of public performances are needed.

A duet of Viacheslav Golovchik (clarinet) and Tatiana Kopenkova (guitar) took part in Menestrel by recommendation of chairman of Minck guitar Club Oleg Kopenkov. It was a bit unexpected that the clarinet, not guitar, completely dominated in the duet. Nevertheless the audience enjoyed their nostalgic programme, which was arranged to touch light memories. The menestrel's founders are grateful to the musicians.


For the first time Menestrel hosted a performance of a representative of another Belarusian guitar festival Renaissance of guitar which is held in the town of Gomel . Igor Shoshin , an organizer of the festival, a composer and guitarist, played his own compositions such as Painter and Penguins are flying as well as several works of belarusian and foreign composers.

A Moscow-based guitarist Ilya Trukhanov represented so-called contemporary guitar music. It was difficult to define what dominated in his music, jazz, folk or some other style. It was undoubtedly original artworks, full of innovative arrangement and masterly performed. Sometimes his improvisations seemed a bit too risky, but every time Ilya brilliantly managed to come back to the main tune. All guitar lovers were at one thinking that his performance in Vitebsk proved a great success.

March 6, a conclusive day of Menestrel'2005. Big Hall of Culture Center KIM was full of audience waiting for Ivan Smirnov's quartet . The company made a real sensation last year and there were certain doubts if they had created something really outstanding within such short time. Surely, all our fears were groundless, the only problem was shortage of time. An hour and 45 minutes of concert turned out absolutely not enough.

The founders of the Menestrel express their sincere gratitude to BELINVESTBANK, PRIORBANK, POLIMARKET COMPANY and ERIDAN HOTEL.


Executive director - Edward Chernivchan

Photos by Igor Gusakov

Settings by Sergey Babura




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