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Report 2006

The second day of the spring of 2006 became a special one in the history of Vitebsk. For the first time within several decades a concert by Vitebsk guitarists had been held. Of course, just a part of musicians were invited to perform, because the main condition of participation was authorship of music or originality of musical interpretation of famous pieces. The concert revealed distinctive style and mastery of our guitarists. The spectators greeted them with cheers.

Among performers were Anton Babura , Mikhail Furs and Vladimir Tsvika , Gennady Emelianov , Vladimir Safonov and Dmitry Izhokhin , Kombo-fusion quartette of Vitebsk philharmonic society, Kirill Borodich & Vladislav Tsukanov .

The same evening a duet from Minsk, Vladimir Tkachenko and Victor Molchanov created real furor and were awarded by standing applause of Vitebsk audience. Each of musicians is highly educated, perfectly manages with the instrument, and has great creative experience. Their musical preferences led to the creation of original programmed based on The Beatles music. Besides, we were lucky to see and even touch the only still-guitar in Belarus, brought by Victor Molchanov from United States. So, some pieces of authentic American country music were performed as well.

The evening of March, 3 turned to be a success too. It started with classic guitar music by Alexander Solovian, a student of Smolensk musical college. But the best of Menestrel was left for the conclusive Gala-concert. Menestrel had a good luck again. Not only author of this article, but everyone can confirm that all written below is true:

1. Vladimir Tkachenko (Minsk) an amazingly modest man was playing not the guitar, but something different. Or his guitar was a magic one. It was whatever you want organ, violin, harp, or even small orchestra. Ask yourself: is it possible for to play prelude and fugue by Bach with one guitar? You ' re right , of course not . But he did it ( four octaves , by the way ).

2. Ilya Trukhanov and Sergey Batrakov ( Moscow ). Every time you're listening Trukhanov's guitar a simile with a river comes to your mind. Light, clear spring with small fountains of bright splashes is running along its graceful river-bed. It was accompanied by Sergey Batrakov's drums. Many in Vitebsk discovered that day drums as musical instrument. The duet was really superb.

3. Dmitry Maloletov (Moscow). All his regalia are real. He knows that with his stunning two-hand style of playing he can easily make a success with any audience. But Dmitry approaches to music and to public seriously and respectfully, he just protects his guitar against crafty tricks.

Menestrel'2006 had a specially prepared surprise. The secret was disclosed on Gala-concert. Polimarket company granted a special prize for one of musicians. The winner was elected by the invited musicians. Vladimir Safonov was awarded with a DVD-player For the musical feat, for music coming from the heart.

Why did we manage to hold the festival? The answer is: we were supported Vitebsk branches of Belinvestbank, Belgazprombank and Belpromstroybank. Of course no banks would throw money away. They invest just reliable projects. We are also grateful to Belwest footwear company which is our long-standing supporter, and to Vitebskavtodor, which builds right roads, that lead to real Art.

Listen to guitar.

Executive director of the festival Edward Chernivchan

Photo by Igor Gusakov


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