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Report 2007

This year the Menestrel lasted just one day. It took place on February, 24 and started with debut of young musicians of Dmitry Izhokhin's studio in the Round Hall of Cultue&Business Center Vitebsk . This project came to life as a kind of branch of the Menestrel for the young guitar lovers.

The evening performance under the name Romance with romance which was held in the Main Hall of Center was not merely an experiment but also a step on the way of return of art song to Vitebsk intelligent public.

Pavel Moskalchuk and Aleksandr Lednev , two professional guitarists from Minsk , emphasized a gorgeous basso of Oleg Melnikov, a premiere of the National Academic Theater of Opera. A long-standing friend of Menestrel, real guitar wizard Mikhail Radukevich from St.Petersburg, served as an accompanist for Galina Sidorenko, a prime of world famous St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater.

Vitebsk was represented by vocal ensemble Resonance under accompaniment of guitarist Mikhail Furs. The joint project performed an elegant short program that perfectly fit into the air of the evening.

As for the performance of trio Loiko , one of the most prominent gypsy ensembles in the world, no doubt it stuck in memory of Vitebsk audience for long.

Violins of Sergey Erdenko and Georgy Osmolovsky were singing, talking, seducing, and Mikhail Savichev's guitar could do duty for the whole gypsy orchestra, while heartfelt voice of Erdenko was warming everyone who came that night to the concert to listen a real live music. Even the most conservative and zealous Menestrel fans had to agree that it was a good idea to bring a romance to guitar festival.

It is a pity, at the supreme moment the organizers of Menestrel had to call off a performance of a composer and guitarist Temur Kvitelashvili. We express a hope, that the next Menestrel will last much longer and the audience will be able to meet Temur Kvitelashvili and other musicians.

Organizers of the Menestrel and all real guitar music lovers of Vitebsk wish good luck to OJSC Belpromstroybank, OJSC JV Belvest, OJSC Rubicon, FU Vitella, CJSC JV Omega, CJSC BelSoft, State Television and Radio Company Vitebsk. These enterprises backed up the Menestrel this year. We say, if the company is interested in good music this is a good company.


Valentina Dorozhinskaya


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